Pubg Mobile 1.7 APK Download | Pubg Mobile Arcane New Update Details | 2022

Pubg Mobile Arcane Update:

As the most recent and amazing Pubg Mobile 1.7 APK Download update of Pubg is released, the pub mobile highly awaited update is now live. It has the best all-new game mode that is called Mirror world or Mirror island in which there is a separate mirror island also called floating island descends into Pubg mobile.

This update was released and live on 16 November 2021 at 12:00 am UTC and is available to all players around the world now. If you want to download the new Pubg mobile you can do it through the Google play store or the apple store. If you are an Android user then you use Download this APK File here.

Check out the list of modes below and Download Pubg Mobile 1.7 APK Download.

New PUBG Mobile Mode!

The new “Mirror Island” mode is a collaboration between PUBG Mobile and League of Legends. The Mirror Island game mode was added recently and has several challenges for both game modes including gathering coins, knocking out locked doors, and shooting guns. The “Mirror Island” mode is a conjunction of the battle Royale and PUBG Mobile battle royale. You can unlock the “Mirror Island” game mode simply by logging in to your PUBG Mobile account. It will appear as the headline then below the title of each of your matches.

The new game mode that will bring the best version of PUBG Mobile to mobile is the “Mango Set”. The Mango Set is PUBG Mobile’s premium multiplayer set. The Mango Set is the only title that will be known to house a full long-running community. The “Mango Set” features 49 new weapons, 100 new vehicles, two new structures, and a large map (more than 5 times the size of the old map). It’s actually reasonable to think of the list of weapons to be a mix of PUBG Mobile staple weapons and RE: G DLC so that it benefits from the popularity of the “Enhanced” version of the game. The most interesting thing about the Mango Set is that it’s only available in Tier 2 at launch. There are some things that you can expect to see different about the Mango Set vs. the RE: G version so I’ll be keeping my eyes open for any positive changes that come out of these.

Carry feature:

The piggyback element or get and convey include is presented in PUBG Mobile 1.7 update. If your colleague is wrecked in an open region and you wish to take them to a more secure spot, you can tap on the convey choice when you’re in the vicinity of that player. Nonetheless, you will not have the option to ride vehicles or use weapons while conveying your Teammates.

$Baja Raptors Mango Set:

New Battle Rows:

As we mentioned, the new map features over 80 new vehicles and vehicles on the roads. This map packs out a host of new outfits for the battle royale mode as well. Two of these “Play II” outfits that will be exclusive to different battle raider levels are going to be included as well.

Hunting Humans:

The hunting mode that will change the battle royale game will be “Hunting Humans”. The hunting mode is set out to explore the island and find new humans and any hunters. When hunting a human, you’ll be able to kill humans with some pretty nifty abilities as well. You can find the hunt mode specifically by logging in to your Battle Royale or Player 2 account and submitting a message for a hunting challenge to be unlocked. You’ll then see a skin option that reveals several new uniforms for a mission. You’ll need at least a 6–10 level in the game to complete this new model with an additional 9–12 level to harvest any weapons and equipment from an individual or group of humans. With this launch, PUBG Mobile will have hunters hunting humans until the beginning of December.

Some Changed To Weapons:

  • Marksman Rifles rebalanced: Increased harm at long reach/ sped up/ sped up.
  • SLR: Increased recuperation speed, speed up.
  • SKS: Slightly sped up, sped up.
  • Mini14: Increased harm at long reach.
  • VSS: Slightly expanded the weapon’s harm.

Come back of old modes:

  • Runic Power: 30 November 2021
  • Payload 2.0: 29th November 2021
  • Survive Till Dawn: 25th November 2021
  • Infection Mode: 25th November 2021
  • Metro Royale: 22nd November 2021
  • Vikendi: 16th November 2021
  • NOTE: Rooms and Spectating will be supported by Survive Till Dawn, Vikendi, and Payload 2.0.

For viewing full patch notes, You can click here.